Dear Friend in the U.S. of Far Away

Dear Friend in the U.S. of Far Away,


Independence Square burns all around me but I would rather scream than sigh,

And I’m so glad your quirky comedy sketch made the front page of Funny or Die.


My Ugandan lover and I face life in prison from our president’s pen with its swordlike pierce,

And good news for you: Buzzfeed reposted your gay attire singalong—that’s fierce! 


Two girlfriends and I were whipped while protesting Putin at the Sochi games,

And you sassily Instagram Anaïs Nin and Google figure skater’s names.


The leading cause of death on my continent remains the downward AIDS spiral,

And—Yahoo!—that cute makeup tutorial that you put on Youtube has gone viral!


My commute to work each day involves the risk of suicide bombs on a crowded bus,

And for a devil’s deed done years ago you Tweet that drones are cool when used on us.


One daughter of mine was raped by a gang and all they left were bones.

One daughter of mine was killed while skipping school to make smart phones.

I didn’t want them to have to sell their bodies so I sold my kidney to a Western man,

But you sleep each night knowing you’re LinkedIn to the world providing all the Yelp you can...



The Others